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Class Themes

Each season, ONE HEART YOGA's Board of Directors picked a theme and offered a series of classes on that theme.

Spreadsheets of themes and classes were generated. Over the years, dozens of teachers put time and effort into creating classes on specific themes.

As such, spreadsheets of some noteworthy themes & classes taught on these themes are copied below for you, as Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Sat Nam!

Themes for Basics

i. Intro to Kundalini Yoga

ii. Do this every day

iii. Self-help tools

iv. Survival kit

Themes for Body

i. Breath

ii. Digestion

iii. Glands

iv. Healing

v. Immune system

vi. Nervous system

Themes for Yogic Nourishment

i. Compassion

ii. Radiance

iii. Shakti, bhakti

iv. Yoga & sound

Themes for Sutras

i. Sutra 1, recognize the other is you

ii. Sutra 2, way through every block

Basics- i. Intro to Kundalini Yoga

Basics- ii. Do This Every Day

Basics- iii. Self-Help Tools

Basics- iv. Survival Tips

Body- i. Breath

Body- ii. Digestion

Body- iii. Glands

Body- iv. Healing

Body- v. Immune System

Body- vi. Nervous System

Yogic Nourishment- i. Compassion

Yogic Nourishment- ii. Radiance

Yogic Nourishment- iii. Shakti, Bhakti

Yogic Nourishment- iv. Yoga & Sound

Sutra- i. Recognize The Other Is You

Sutra- ii. There is Way Through Every Block

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